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Prestonrose Farm and Brewing A Lucky Find

This past St. Patrick’s Day my hubby and I decided to take it a little slower than in years past…think, St. Patrick’s Day Parade on Greenville Avenue in Dallas, Texas. While that is more fun that any one person should have in one day and I highly recommend you put it on your bucket list, we wanted something a little lower key this year and our schedules didn’t really permit a full weekend away. We invited a few of our friends and off we went on our hour and a half excursion to Prestonrose Farm and Brewing in Paris, Arkansas. To some an hour and half might seem like a bit too far, but it was worth the drive. It was actually kind of nice after a busy work week.

preston rose table

Picture coutesy of Preston Rose Farm and Brewing Facebook page

pr coasterAccording to my friend, Mary Pat, Liz and Mike Preston own the farm. Liz is a microbiologist. Her new job at Nuclear One at London harkened the move to Arkansas from California. The name of the farm and brewery is a combination of their last name and the Rose family that originally settled the property. I love how they blended the old and new to make something great.

There is a nice selection of beer. My favorite is the Citrawit and Donnie’s is Heritage Pal. There are many more selections than the two I mentioned, but honestly, I had no interest in trying them after tasting that fabulousness in my glass.

green cheese

Green Cheese with Sourdough

The food menu is ever changing as it is all either grown on their farm or from local farmers. I love that! I opted to forgo the vegan lifestyle for the “green cheese” which was the most magnificent goat cheese topped with pesto and served with a fantastic sourdough bread. The hubby had the traditional St. Paddy’s Day fair of corn beef and cabbage.

There is more than meets the eye to this little farm. The Prestons “strive to use as many local ingredients” and are working to bring barley farming and malting back to Arkansas. Their website states their goal is to produce a 100% estate beer.

pr group

Sharon, Carol, Joe, Mary Pat, me and Donnie

If you want a fun, relaxing day take the turn onto St. Louis Valley Rd, just past Subiaco Academy, follow the dirt road and look for Prestonrose’s sign. If you don’t live close enough to venture to Prestonrose, search out small organic farm to table restaurants and breweries in your area. You won’t be disappointed. Support local!

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