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Go On a Thrifting Adventure

A few weeks ago, the girls and I had a free Saturday together while Donnie was cycling somewhere in Timbuktu. We decided to go to a few of our favorite spots—resale shops and Goodwill.

christmas presentsFor us, shopping at thrift stores is like Christmas morning. You never know what surprises are waiting. I love going to these places, because the pieces are unique and I can get a lot for my money.

We do not typically go with a plan for a specific item, because that is just stress waiting to happen. We just sort of peruse about and see what jumps out at us and what could be a nice addition to the home.  We do, however, have a general idea of things we prefer to purchase at thrift stores. They are:

picture frame

  • Picture frames– Don’t worry that the colors don’t match. There is nothing a can of spray paint or chalk paint can’t fix. Also, think outside the standard 5×7 or 8×10. Don’t’ be afraid to purchase a large framed picture. You can take the picture out and just use the frame. I have used large frames to frame other frames and I have used large frames to make my own decorative chalkboards for a fraction of the retail cost.
  • Mirrors – Mirrors can be so expensive to buy in the store and though they are pretty, they are kind of cookie cutter. Personally, I prefer older looking mirrors. It is almost as if they have some kind of story to tell. Obviously, I like older mirrors; I believe I have mentioned a couple of times that I purchased two from Traci Barnes in the past year! If I had put anything but the round vintage mirror above the piano, it just would not have looked the same.


  • Vases, jars, bottles and containers – These are probably some of my favorite items to buy in a thrift store. I also think these types of things can really pull a look together. For example, if you have an old tray you want to use, bottles and vases grouped on it will give it that designer look.
  • Dishes and platters – I adore silver serving platters and I don’t think you can have too many. Of course, these are useful during the holidays, but they also give your summer barbeques a nice little spiffy surprise when serving food. It is amazing how much a silver platter can jazz up hot dog buns! You can also use them for decorative purposes by filling with candles or a few small vases of fresh flowers.

The best thing about thrifting is that it is like a little adventure. There are surprises around every corner and you never know what you mind find. I set a small budget, most of the time it is around $20, and then we like to see what we can get for that amount. You would be amazed at what you can find! Give it a try some time. Go on a thrifting adventure!


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