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Making the Old New

I hope this week is finding you well. Our house spent last week and most of this week sick. Of course, the weather was fantastic for a beautiful long run, but instead I was stuck at home in a never-ending Netflix show hole. Gracie and I did get to start a puzzle we have wanted to work on for the past couple of months, so that was exciting. Needless to say, I didn’t get much done around the house that I had planned. There is always this weekend, right?

Since I don’t have anything new or exciting to report to you this week, I thought I would go back to last week’s Decorating Wisely blog about moving the piano home and rearranging my furniture. Remember, I told you I moved the cabinet from the entry to the breakfast area? Don’t worry, it’s still there and I couldn’t be happier. I really am pleased with it and how much better it looks. I have always loved the cabinet itself, but felt like I never really did it justice or helped it live up to its fullest potential. Since displaying my china, crystal and a few beloved pieces from grandmothers in it, it has really changed the look and given it that “umph” it has missed for the past ten years! The best part is that I didn’t have to purchase anything to give it a fresh, new look. I was able to utilize everything I already owned. I also love being able to highlight my special pieces for no other reason than they just make me happy to see them every day. Isn’t that the point of special pieces…to bring a smile to our faces? They may not mean that much to anyone else, but they mean something to you and your family.

before afterOh, I changed one more thing. I felt like I needed something on top of the cabinet, but it is unusually tall, so not just anything would work. Trust me, I tried everything. I finally tried a couple of prints I purchased in New Orleans several years ago. The size worked great, but they just didn’t look right. In fact, I have never really loved the matting around the prints because I felt like it didn’t do them justice. It was sort of overpowering for the prints. So, again, after ten years I decided to change them. I know, I know there’s a pattern here. Rather than buying new matting, I simply turned the mat over to reveal the cream side. Wow! What a difference that made. I love them now! They really stand out and look like how they were supposed to look!

The moral of this story, don’t be afraid to switch things up, turn mats over, and for sure, don’t wait ten years to do it!


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