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It’s a Yoga Workout Kind of Week

I think this week’s training is going to consist mostly of yoga as I am easing back into working out after contracting the plague last week. Of course, this past weekend was one of those rare January weekends and it was a sunny 60 degrees both Saturday and Sunday. As I was laying on the couch all I could think about was what a great weekend to run, but instead I’m stuck here on this couch watching every series that I missed out on the past few months.

As much as I don’t like deviating from my training plan, I do think it is important to listen to my body and not overdo it when recovering from an illness or surgery. There is nothing worse than having a setback and it taking twice as long to get back at it. It’s also just as important to do something if you’re able. It’s easy to slip and fall completely off the wagon. Doing something easy on your body like yoga helps stretch you physically and helps you mentally stick with your training plan.

I’ll just take it day by day and hopefully I’ll be able to get in a few miles by the end of the week. Until then….namaste.


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