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Day Trippin’

Hello, hello! First off, I must say that it has been a pretty productive, busy week at school, and I was really excited for the weekend. My science fair project is taking up a lot of time (in a good way, look out regionals!!) not to mention this being my first full week back at being able to workout. It’s been odd not having a schedule that revolves around dance, but it’s been refreshing too. I’ve had a lot more time to put more effort into other things that are important to me, like science fair!

So anyway, it is finally the weekend, and I am super excited to chill it down a bit. We originally had plans to take a day trip to Northwest Arkansas, but everyone’s been sick this week. We’re hoping it’s not the flu, and somehow I’m the only one that has yet to be affected yet. *rapidly knocks on wood three times* Hey, but it is okay with me to stay home this weekend, I can clean, (not my favorite thing to do, but definitely worth it) finish up my science fair research, and maybe even slightly binge some Netflix show that has been on my list for forever and a decade.

Although, I do still want to give a little day trip itinerary for Northwest Arkansas (NWA). Let’s get going!

To me, there is nothing better than going to an art museum. I love them more than almost anything. With that said, I would start the day off by traveling to my beloved Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. If you have never been, GO! If you have been, still GO! It deserves another visit, plus you never know what new traveling exhibits they may have or some other artwork you missed the last time you visited.


Just one of the amazing artworks you can see at Crystal Bridges. They house world-renowned artists, like this painting, by Keith Haring. 

After spending a couple of hours basking in the glory of art, I would hop in the car and head towards Fayetteville. It’s about a 30-40 minute drive to downtown from the museum. By now, I would probably be ready to devour a yummy meal from some local restaurant. I’ve never been here, but I’ve heard great things about Little Bread Company. They’re a little sandwich shop that home-makes all of their food! Seriously, this place looks de-lic-ious.

Next, it is only a three-minute walk to one of my all-time favorite bakeries, Alchemy Macarons. I could eat the entire case of delicious macarons they make. I can’t begin to explain how much I love a good macaron, and these do not disappoint. So. Good.



Since my food cravings have been delightfully filled, I would just walk around downtown to all the little local shops and definitely pop on over to Cheap Thrills. This place is amazing! Calling it a thrift store does not do it justice. All the clothes, accessories, and shoes are vintage and of really great quality. I got the most adorable dress that was made in the 50s from there and I wear it all the time. I even got senior portraits taken in it! So please, give this place a visit because it will totally be worth your time.


This is that gorgeous dress! Photo courtesy of John Sullivan

Well, guys, that’s my little day trip itinerary for Northwest Arkansas! If you have favorite places to go up there, let us know! We’d love to check out your favorite spots and things to do!

Until next time,

Grayson E. Wise

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