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The Workout That Didn’t Happen

Of course, today would be my scheduled day to write about training! I skipped my evening workout because I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather and I didn’t want to chance not being able to do my long run this weekend. “Dr.” Ashton says I have strep. I’m not really sure about that other than my throat hurts so bad that I can’t even drink my morning coffee. If you know me very well at all you know that is really saying something. My day doesn’t even begin to start until I have that first delicious sip of coffee.  I guess since I can’t really discuss my workout tonight, I’ll discuss my morning coffee. I’ve always, always loved half and half in my coffee, but since that doesn’t seem to fit into the whole plant-based thing I had to find another alternative. I’ll admit giving up the dairy in the coffee was the very last thing I gave up, but Ashton turned me onto coconut milk. It’s divine and certainly fulfills that half and half void I was feeling. It’s also fantastic in protein shakes.

Speaking of protein shakes….I don’t always love them, but Ashton also turned me onto Vega products. I am super picky about protein bars and protein powders, but in my opinion this is the best brand on the market. Give them a try sometime! vega


Fingers crossed I get that long run in this weekend!


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