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Accountability Partners: Muy Importante

Today is my day to post about fitness. I’m going to be honest with you, I really didn’t want to workout tonight. I had visions of going home on this cold evening, putting my flannel pajamas on and watching Netflix the rest of the night, but I pushed through and did my three miles on the dreadmill and ab workout anyway. I couldn’t let Grayson down since the doctor released her today! Yippee! She was so looking forward to going to the gym tonight, so like any good mom would do, I went to the gym with her. It’s amazing how much better a workout can make you feel. This also proves how important it is to have accountability workout partners, because had it just been me, I totally would have bailed on tonight’s workout. If you don’t have someone to keep you accountable, call someone now! Heck message us and we’ll keep you accountable and you can do the same for us.


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