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One Vase Lots of Opportunities

I’ve had the privilege of speaking at various events about decorating and it seems that I’m always a bit stumped on what I think people will be interested in hearing about. One thing, I have found that most can appreciate is effortless decorating. After all, most of us are busier than ever, but still desire our homes to look like HGTV could walk in at any moment and film something….well, let’s be honest, I desire that, but I really hope they don’t come today because I didn’t get my bed made this morning and I left all the paperwork on the table from last night’s weekly meeting.

One of my little HGTV-worthy tricks is to utilize one vase and that gives me lots of different opportunities. Make the investment in a clear glass, footed vase like the one in the cover photo from Pottery Barn and you basically turn into the Wonder Woman of decorating. It’s pretty awesome.  Here are a few of my favorite stand-bys:

vase with curly willow photo credit twinyc

Photo credit:

  • Fill the vase about one-third full with green applies and add curly willow or birch branches. This tricks the eye into seeing bulk. The green apples give a strong punch of color and the curly willow give it height.


  • Speckled Robin’s eggs are another favorite…faux, of course. Basically do the same type of thing by filling the vase about a quarter full with the eggs and add blooming cherry blossom branches. There are some really great silks available nowadays, but nothing beats the real deal. Last spring I bought the most awesome bunch of cherry blossoms from the sweetest lady at the Fort Smith Farmer’s Market.

cherry blossomThis vase also works great to just grab a bundle of flowers from the grocery store and throw in. Fresh flowers always have a way of making me happy, especially in the cold, blah days of winter.

I’ve just named a few of the one-vase wonder possibilities. You can do just about anything and make it look great. The main thing is to keep it simple and effortless.


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