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My Fitness Journey: The Hard Times

I love being active. I have danced since I was five years old, so I’ve always had that to help keep me in shape. On top of that, this past semester, I was urged (very persistently I might add) to join the cross country team at my high school by the coach, and my awesome former APUSH teacher, Mr. Brennan. I honestly was a little worried about joining because I had only started running last summer. What I’m getting at is… I wasn’t fast. At all. Despite that, he still wanted me to join, so I did. It ended up being one of the best decisions in my life. I will forever thank him for introducing me to such an incredible, encouraging, and rewarding sport. That picture above is actually one of my favorites, although it may not be the most flattering photo of me, you can see how determined both of us are to beat one another to the finish line. I’ll probably never forget that day. I can recall how accomplished I felt for completing that extremely difficult course. If you don’t run, you should totally start. You’ll be surprised by how far you can push yourself, I know I was.

Well, all this being said, for the past three weeks, I haven’t been able to do any kind of physical activity, and when I say nothing… I mean nothing. I had my gallbladder taken out so I have yet to be released from the doctor (I got back Thursday, fingers crossed!) It has been really difficult for me. Every day I wish I could just go do something. Anything! The joy of feeling so accomplished after a great work out is a fantastic mood booster at any time of stress or self-doubt. For real.

Alas, I have been diligently planning for the day I get released. I plan on running almost every day and doing some other cross-training. I had no idea where to start on my other kind of training, so I downloaded the Nike Training Club app, and that thing is actually super cool! You put in your body information and your fitness goals, and it customizes a plan for you! I am really pumped to use this plan, and it is free! What could be better?!

So, even when you feel kind of down because you can’t do any physical activity, remember that I’ve been in this boat more than once, and every time, it makes me more thankful for being in good enough health to even be able to work out again.


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Until next time,


Grayson E. Wise


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