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Day 10: I’m Going to be that Me Again!

Day 10: I told you guys we would be better this week! So, for starters let me explain why I chose the picture that I did today — it is a photo of me when I was in what I would say was the best shape of my life. In the photo I was just about to compete in the Red Man Triathlon swimming portion.. I was nervous, but knew I was ready for the task ahead of me. I was eating the best I have ever eaten, staying strict with my fitness/training plan, and honestly feeling my best overall.

My fitness goals are to honestly get back to that me, I was thriving in all aspects of my life and that is where I want to be again. If we want to get really real right now the only thing, or rather person stopping me from doing that is myself. So, with that being said I will be that person again and maybe even a better version of that me.

Since the new fitness journey has begun I have really gotten back into the swing of things and found myself making less and less excuses when it comes to getting that workout in or only eating the meals I have planned for myself. Today I got up at my regularly scheduled way to early time to tackle leg day, and guess what? I did it and only complained a little about the below zero temperatures while I was doing it.

Moral of the story is don’t make fitness goals based on other people — make them for yourself. Choose an old photo of yourself and set your mind to what you want to achieve whether it’s to fit into that dress again or be even better, but remember it is YOU who controls your destiny and fitness journey.

Until the next protein shake,

Ashton Nicole

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