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Day 4-8: Oops I Think We Skipped a Few

Day 4 through 7: Okay I know what you are thinking.. Way to leave us hanging, right? Well life gets crazy busy sometimes and between working out, waking up early, adjusting to a new work schedule, and cooking healthy meals sometimes I forget to write it all down — well in this case “blog it all down.”

I happy to report that every day on the fitness journey has been going GREAT. There may have been days were we slept in and worked out late, but thus far no skipped workouts.. Oh, well on Saturday I was totally supposed to run 3 miles — however, I was taking down my Christmas Lights (yikes I can’t believe I just admitted that) and I never really made time to run. I guess that makes Day 6 a miss.

Regardless of a missed run that was only one workout that I didn’t get completed and to be honest that is pretty good considering it is easy to push a workout to the side when you have other things going on in life.

So, I am making a vow to all of you right now — I am going to make sure ONE of us blogs everyday during the fitness journey this week. No more missing out — after all aren’t you guys dying to know how it is going.

Day 8: today i got up bright and early with mommy to get our Pilates on and of course we killed it. That means we have already started our week off right. So here’s to making this week great and to sticking with the plan and only getting better from here.

Until the next 5:00 A.M alarm  goes off,

Ashton Nicole  

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