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I hope you all have had a fantastic start to your new year! So far, mine has been pretty good. Gracie is recovering nicely from her surgery and it has been relatively quiet around the home front. I’m sure you have all made your resolutions by now, as have I. I know I have mentioned in the past that we do a resolution jar and keep it in a prominent location. Every New Year’s Eve we read the past year’s resolutions aloud to one another and see how we did or didn’t do. Some of our resolutions were kept, but often times in a much different fashion than what we had anticipated, some were not. This year we are adding another element to the resolution jar. Each week we’re adding one great thing that happened to us that week. I can’t wait to read them at the end of 2018! It’s easy to be wrapped up in why we did or didn’t keep a resolution and beat ourselves up over it, so this should be a great way to keep life in perspective.

I don’t know if you are aware of it or not, but I’m a huge Zig Ziglar fan. I listen to the Ziglar podcasts when I run for motivation and inspiration. It’s one of the few times throughout the day that my attention can be completely focused on self-improvement with no interruptions. Anyway, my point to all of this is that I’m trying something new this year. Tom Ziglar, Zig’s son, picks one word as his theme for the whole year and it determines how and why he goes about things in his life. My word this year is “transformation”. I feel this can be applied in all areas of life—spiritual, physical, mental, financial, work-life, and our homes. I feel like the past three years I was in school many things were put on the backburner, especially in my home. I’m sure you can relate, between going from Point A and Point B there is little time to put things away properly. You know what I’m talking about—the closet, the pantry, the cabinets, the places people don’t see, which are also the places that drive me slap-dab crazy when they are disorganized, because I’m always in a hurry and I can never find anything. It’s a vicious cycle! No more! This is the year of transformation! It’s not too late for you to pick a theme word of the year. It took me a couple of days to think about it and come up with a word that really fit what I wanted to accomplish. I prayed about it and then I just knew it fit. Ironically, I am currently reading Uninvited by Lysa TerKeurst and the very day I decided that transformation was my word, the chapter was about transforming. It is crazy how often God whispers things to us, but we don’t listen and then he finally has to shout it out to us to get through to us!

Cheers to the New Year and new adventures of transformation to be the best yet!

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