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The Best Time to Wear a Striped Sweater…


…is all the time! Okay, so this may not be your conventional striped sweater, but it counts in my book! I love the cropped length of it and the nice creamy color. It is very light, so I do not recommend wearing it when you are actually trying to stay bundled up and warm. Nonetheless, it is a great sweater. I bought it on sale from ASOS (basically my entire closet comes from here) for only $15. Now that’s a steal!

It is a very versatile sweater that goes with oh-so-many outfits, and we all know how I am about purchasing versatile pieces. It’s basically my trademark!Today I’m wearing it with my black pixie pants from Old Navy and my Tommy Hilfiger ankle boots, but this can easily be transitioned to a dressier, nighttime look with a simple change in shoes. I’d probably strap on my mary jane heels, grab my trench coat and go! You could also definitely pair it with a fitted pencil skirt and tights, or you can go casual with high waisted jeans and black sneakers. Well, that’s my spill on clothes, for now, thanks for reading and don’t forget… *starts singing absurdly loud and out of tune* the best time to wear a striped sweater, is all the time!

P.S. let’s give special thanks to my dear friends Carley and Alex for taking my blog pictures today! You guys are the best!

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Until next time,

Grayson E. Wise

Striped Sweater // Black Pixie Pants // Ankle Boots (similar)

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