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New Year, New Adventures

The New year has finally come, and I have to say, I am very excited for the opportunities I’ll have in 2018. I graduate high school this year, attend the University of Oklahoma in the fall, and on top of all that, I am not dancing anymore, so I have a lot of extra time on my hands to do a lot of new activities.

With this new found time, I have already started planning how I am going to use it. Of course, a lot of it will go towards more study time and scholarship writing for school, but I am also going to take more time for adventures. For example, I love taking my camera out on hikes to capture the gorgeous scenery so that’s a new adventure I can invest more of my time in.

Even if you live in a small, rural area, like I do, that shouldn’t discourage you from being adventurous. You don’t have to go to exotic places that cost a fortune to see the beauty this world offers. You’ll be amazed by the places you can find to go hiking, kayaking, camping, or whatever you may want to do if you just look for them. I’m fortunate enough to live about fifteen minutes away from Long Lake Resort in Poteau, OK. You can kayak there, and even take an archery class (Wow!!) as well as many other great activities. There are so many great places for outdoor adventures in Oklahoma, and I love it. I now have the most amazing opportunity to take advantage of these places and trust me, I’ll be writing about my hiking journeys this year as well as making recommendations for the best spots!

On another note, new travel adventures can also pertain to finding new restaurants, going to museums, or going to a farmer’s market on a Saturday. For just a two hour drive, I can be surrounded by incredible art museums, fantastic bakeries, and beautiful downtowns in Tulsa, OK or Fayetteville, AR. So, don’t limit yourself to thinking you have to spend a fortune every time you want to go on a new adventure. Being adventurous is a state of mind, and I encourage you to take a new adventure every day, even if it’s just going outside and appreciating the beauty around you.

Thanks for reading, and if you aren’t already, follow me (@grayewise) and @livingwiselytimesthree on Instagram for updates and more!

Until next time,

Grayson E. Wise

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